Thor swap entry for casandloki who requested Thor and technology (as well as Thor with Loki).  Hope you enjoy!!

alright (possible?) haircut today and then in the evening, working on my thor swap.


Art Nouveau inspired Hatsune Miku in color pencil. I ended up going a different direction with it than a typical art nouveau piece but I like it.


if you don’t think thor is the cutest thing in the universe idk what to tell you

ok i’m gonna wash it off now

You are so cute!

you guys are too kind

i tried doing a girlier type make up so here’s my selfie to pretend it was for something since i’m not going anywhere this evening.  i have no idea what i’m doing with makeup.


Nice outlaw name, did your mom pick it out for you?

who gave zac efron permission to turn into a baby bara i didn’t approve this????